Money Talks Season 2

Sports Betting and Money Talks\’ fans have written, called, emailed, tweeted, kicked, screamed and demanded to know: If there will be a Money Talks Season 2?  We\’re absolutely thankful for the energy and the public demand for Money Talks Season 2. We know there are lots of rumors about the show like who\’s In and who\’s Out? What we can say is that some are true and some are not. We want all supporters and fans to know we\’re extremely thankful. Trust us, we\’re just as anxious to share news about Season 2.  Money Talks Season 1 premiered on prime time television March 19, 2014. The show features #1 handicapper Steven Stevens and VIP Sports Las Vegas. Money Talks Season 1 was a hit, every episode had great nation wide ratings throughout the entire season. Steve Stevens and VIP Sports Las Vegas received honorable mentions from Robin Leach, USA Today, Las Vegas Sun, Penthouse Magazine and more.  If you were one of the hundreds of thousands of viewers that enjoyed watching Money Talks Season 1, you\’re going to love Season 2! Uhhh… wait, Did we just say Season 2?!  Yes! You absolutely heard it correct! You can expect Season 2 to be an absolute blowout winner! We can\’t share all the goodies right now, you\’ll have to follow us on Social Media for new updates and announcements. HUGE THANKS again for all the love! We\’ve already started pre-production for Money Talks Season 2 and shooting starts November 2014!

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