When it comes to sports betting, a lot of newbie sports bettors dream of finding a sure thing, but seasoned bettors know there\’s no magic wand for handicapping games. Most financial investors know the same is true when it comes to investing in real estate, the stock market or whatever.  VIP Sports Las Vegas  produce winning picks by simply knowing our job and putting in the work to get it done. The picture of our guys in the huddle happens almost everyday, we\’re suppose to be on break, but we\’re all talking about making our clients money, handicapping sports picks… we\’re still working. VIP Sports Las Vegas pick more winners then other sports consultants because we outwork them, period. If you\’ve seen our show Money Talks on CNBC, you already know we\’re non-stop! Money Talks give viewers a deep look into our business but like any business there\’s always more unseen work viewers don\’t see. We spend hours analyzing games, researching players stats, following teams and sports news. We\’re constantly finding and exploiting winning sports games to give our clients the best winning edge. VIP Sports LV pick winners and focus compounding clients profits over time by using money management. Our goal is always to make our clients as much money as possible! See for yourself, go to Personal Service Selections and use the low price Daily Specials to get on it.

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