Sports Betting Client $180k Comeback VIP Sports Easy Winner!

Last week we got news that one of Steve Stevens\’ big clients was betting 30K on the Boise vs Fresno game. We tracked down the Bookie Killer Steve Stevens and were able to get a ticket posted before the game was over. The Bronco/Bulldog play ended a loser by only one score. After that game, we found out that the same client was on a 4-0 winning streak with the Bookie Killer. The 30k lost put him at 4-1 and Steve already had his client\’s next big play ready to win back the 30K plus more. The come back game would be Arkansas, Steve was taking the over and the client was unshaken by the Boise lost and immediately went back in on the Arkansas play. Yesterday we got word that Steve\’s Arkansas play was an easy winner!  The client now is 5-1 winning $180,000, and easy $100,000 commission for the Bookie Killer. What\’s not so easy is getting the #1 Sports Handicapper Steve Stevens to post tickets or stacks of cash winnings, he\’s not into it because as he states: \”It\’s not good for business when you\’re operating on this level\”. Steve says \”posting all your business is really for the hobbyist trying to prove themselves.\”  Steve points out that for him, maintaining a winning percentage is a must and also the key to VIP Sports Las Vegas yearly profits, which he\’s done for over 10 years. Still, since lots of small bettors and fans love seeing the paper flashed every now and then,  here\’s a picture of the # 1 Sports Handicapper in Las Vegas Steve Stevens handling his $100k commission from the same client that lost 30K before finishing 5-1 up $180,000. All we do is WIN baby! Contact us now and get in the WINNERS\’ circle!

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