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Steve Stevens Money Talks CNBC – The Real Story

Ever since CNBC Prime began airing Money Talks featuring Las Vegas number one sports consultant Steve Stevens Darin Notaro and VIP Sports Las Vegas, critics of Steven Stevens have gotten themselves stuck in cry baby mode about his legitimacy. These few critics like to claim Steve Stevens is not a real sports betting consultant. They almost always use hate to try spinning old news or gossip into negativity about Steve Stevens. The question is why?  The answer seems to rest with who the hating critics are. Most often they are a hand full of lonely, small time writers and jealous wanna be sports consultants, just spending time passing old stories between themselves, instead of working on their own success.

One has to wonder what makes them carry on considering their readership numbers are so weak. Funny thing is, half of their readers’ comments  usually are against them and instead support Steve Stevens and Money Talks. If there is nothing in it for them, why carry on?

It is because, Steven Stevens’ haters are often just bitter competitors or failed sports writers trying to get attention? Like roaches these haters scrounge for attention. They troll to gossip, like a bug scrounging for bread crumbs from the others people success.

Steve Stevens’ and VIP Sports Las Vegas success, come from years of hard work.  As for the haters that may not know here\’s a little bug spray to wake.

Haters’ claim – Steve Stevens is unheard of in the sports betting world.

Steve Stevens truth is, he’s operated his VIP Sports Las Vegas consulting business, fully licensed for over 11 years.

Haters’ claim – Steve Stevens not using his real name is a bad thing.

Steve Stevens – says the truth is, he’s always owned and admitted to his real name, Darin Notaro. Steve Stevens is his chosen and very successful sports betting nickname. Lots of handicappers use nicknames. Similar to pro sports players, it’s extremely common to adopt a catchy nickname. Dr Jay, Magic, Iron Mike (Tyson), Shack (Shaquille O’Neal) the list goes on and on.

Haters’ claim – He’s a scam artist.

Steve Stevens – Says that’s not the life he lives. He admits to his past life challenges, when he was young.  He got his first job in sales, with a company he later found out to be a phone scam business.  When the fraudulent business was later shut down, the young Steve Stevens known then as Darin Notaro was asked by authorities to snitched on the owners that gave him his first opportunity or go to jail.  He decided not to rat on the people that gave him his first job and prosecutors sent him to jail. He toughed it out, served his time and paid restitution to victims. Fast forward 10 years, Steve Stevens/ Darin Notaro put his life back together. Working hard, Steve Stevens built, owns and operates the best sports consultant business in Las Vegas. He employs people that support families, while raising a beautiful family of his own. He’s considered by some to be the #1 sports handicapper in Las Vegas, and he\’s the star of the reality TV show Money Talks.

Steve Steven’s Interview with Penthouse Magazine.

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