Sports Betting and Posting Tickets

We all seen how sports bettors and handicappers love showing off their winning tickets, when trying to claim success. We’ve all heard it before “prove you’re a good handicapper by showing your tickets” or how about “good handicappers should bet their own money”. Okay! Fair enough, but the difference is, posting a Bookie Killer size $50k plus ticket online sometimes will draw more attention then a smaller guy posting some $1,000 ticket.

If you’re one of the millions of smaller bettors, posting $1,000 – $10,000 tickets online, you don’t have much to worry about. Most likely you’ll never be contacted from a casino asking you to remove your ticket off the internet. They’re just way to many $1,000 bets out there for casinos to call everyone posting a little ticket on the internet. But when you’re betting hundreds of thousands of dollars on a regular basis, like Steve Stevens, there is a chance you may attract the managers attention. If you’re losing money they love you, but if you’re braking them, that’s a different story. They obviously don’t enjoy seeing their beatings on blast all the time. If you’re taking over $100k a week, you may get a – Please don’t post how much you broke us off call. So for Steve Stevens a little good sportsman, not blasting every ticket seems to be worth the seven digit profits he and his clients take home.

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