NBA Finals Game 3: Spurs vs Heat in Miami, what to look for

NBA Finals are back in Miami tonight.
Will Maimi take games 3 and 4, starting tonight? Here\’s some pointers both teams will need to be on top of to win.

Kawhi Leonard is not only struggling against LeBron James, he\’s missing his mark on contributing on the offensive side as well. With game 3 being played in Miami tonight the spurs are highly concerned as they should be. There is no room for slack, Miami is unbeaten at home in this years playoffs and haven\’t lost a post game at home since the Spurs beat them in Game 1 of the finals a year ago.

The Spurs were 12 for 20 at the free throw line. They\’ll need to heat up the free throws, the Spurs are shooting only 69% while the Heat are capitalizing on 78% at the free throw line. Spurs missed 8 free throws in the last game that they lost by only two points. The Spurs missed the chance to win game 2 from the foul line, Spurs need to get their free throw game up to increase their chances of winning games 3 and 4 in Miami.

The Heat\’s head coach Erik Spoelstra describes Bosh as the teams most important player.  That\’s because Bosh has a lot on his plate between checking Duncan and all that comes with playing the center position. Bosh has been blooming lately but the heat will need Bosh to stay the course and get big numbers like a veteran in all aspects of his game.

The Heat are unbeaten 8-0 at home in this year\’s playoffs, plus with 11 straight wins they have yet  to lose a postseason game in their own building since the Spurs beat them in Game 1 of last year\’s NBA Finals. Will the spurs do it again in game 3? Or will the Heat use the energy of the home crowd to tip them a winning a advantage?

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