Choosing The Right Sports Picker

How do you separate the real professional sports betters from the ones selling fake ones? There are so many fake Instagram accounts sending direct messages daily to people claiming that they have won big. Just because someone shows you some jewelry, and a nice car doesn’t mean they have the knowledge, and advice to know what they’re doing.

Steve Stevens of VIP Sports has been a professional sports consultant for over 25 years with wins to prove his success.

These days, anyone can claim to be a good sports consultant online. If you’ree a good tech guy, with some fake followers, you can get robbbed left and right.

We’re not sitting in one bedroom apartment selling picks. We have an entire knowledgeable expert team with matchups and picks to help you win.

Learn more about how we win big by watching the VIP Sports Las Vegas video about how to spot wannabe’s versus real sports consultants!

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