Any self proclaimed handicapper can get a website, post pictures, say they\’re a legitimate sports pick consultant, or claim to be a Steve Stevens. But let’s be honest, if they’re sitting in their Fruit Of The Looms all day, only making a few grand per month, working out of the basement or at the kitchen table, then that’s light years away from being the Bookie Killer – Steve Stevens.


Running a successful handicapping business is about doing the same work required of any legit business – be legal, provide a valuable service and make profit. Anything less is a Sports Handicapping hobby.


There\’s nothing wrong with dreaming about being a Steve Stevens, just keep it real. VIP Sports Las Vegas and Steve Stevens are about running a business, period. Not spending all day in some sports betting chat room talking trash about people, faking to be big when you’re not. The Bookie Killer is called the # 1 Sports Handicapper for reasons.

  • VIP Sports Las Vegas is a leader in the Sports Betting industry.
  • VIP Sports Las Vegas maintains a yearly winning percentage.
  • VIP Sports Las Vegas touts millions of dollars every year.
  • Steve Stevens employs approximately 50 people at VIP Sports.
  • VIP Sports Las Vegas is a licensed business in Las Vegas, successfully operating for over a decade.
  • Steve Stevens bets big and lives even larger.

Get in the Winner\’s Circle call: 1-877-220-6540 or get our deals here:

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